Naked on the patio

Bob sends her to the patio to dress in the open. The studio is being set up and is not available. We hear traffic passing as she opens a package of nylons, then glides them on. She is completely naked, and looking around, gigging self-consciously, afraid she that she might be spotted. She dresses quickly, pulling on the black teddy, Threatens to pull down Bobs sweatpants in public to get even. Then comes the pantyhose over the stockings. Redundant, perhaps, but sexy for sure. I would like to have her pull my sweatpants down. Cant imagine that anyone would object to her doing that to him.


Lavender bra and what is in them. Two MILFS talking about being taken to Bermuda instead of a pair of young twenty-somethings. They are about to show Mr. Smith how hot older women can be. Stacy’s tits are exposed as her gal pal licks her nipples. Soon all four tits are exposed as our two mature horny women demonstrate the mistakes Mr. Smith will be making if he opts for the young uns. If you can enjoy older women, these will definitely do it for you. I can just hope they will sixty-nine. That is something I would love to watch!

sultry looks; best ass

This is an ass you can take home to mother. Her nylons do not conceal any part of it. The seams are straight and provide great counterpoint to her ass crack. What a nice sultry look. She feels the pleasure of the friction as she rubs stockinged feet together. Almost doesnt matter if we dont see her pussy. Her ass is just that perfect. After a while gossiping on the phone with a songwriting friend, wearing a lacy housedress. She wishes she could be a musician but must settle for being a hot, pretty woman instead. Who is to say which makes one happier? The tops of her stockings held up by black garters, then white ones. Nice!

Her Asian employee

These gals look great in clothes as well as naked. Asian employee with her blonde boss. Blondie spies on her cute worker, then our exotic playmate apologizes for an indiscretion. I cant imagine what that might be. She needs the job, but we think there is more to her enjoyment than just pleasing her boss. She surely seems to enjoy what she is doing. After a brief preliminary, they are playing with their own pussies while blondie licks and sucks Asian nipple. She has her employee fuck her with a vibrating dildo. Will she come? Will she reciprocate? No holds barred in this one.

Three for the money

Two together, then one solo. Had to take a break after watching this one.
An American blonde and a French short-haired brunette. They lie together on a couch, opposite each other, and play with each others feet. The blonde rubs her foot against the carpet; the nylon on the wool makes a gliding sound. She does the same with her shoe. Now we have a dirty-blonde girl who wastes no time in showing us her nipples. She plays with them and licks one, then jiggles the other with her hand. She sucks her finger while letting us see her trimmed pussy. Those fabulous ass cheeks are spread for us as well. Meanwhile the blonde and French gal are in the tub together. No water, but who needs it?!

leather coat, no dress

If you like them young – well, who doesnt. On a plush brown couch, in her leather brown coat, she quickly lets us see that she wears nothing but undies under it. She plays with her black bra-clad tits and allows her hand to caress her panties as well. Her tits make their way into our view and you can tell she would kiss your cock in a second. This kind of girl really loves to kiss cock. Her white garter belt unsnaps quickly and off it comes while her nylon stockings get a bit bunchy on her legs. As we view her all but naked pussy, which she displays without shame, the phone rings. She ignores it of course. After a moment she plays the nylon over those fabulous breasts just to drive us crazy.